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179D Tax Deductions?

Energy Analysis and Verification

Up to $1.80 per square foot federal energy tax deduction is available to commercial building owners and designers of government-owned buildings for energy-efficient systems installed in newly constructed or newly renovated buildings. Maximum Energy Payback specializes in the certification required by the IRS to receive these benefits.

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Maximum Energy Payback (MEP) is a dba of Danto Builders, LLC, and has a team of experienced energy analysis and verification professionals. MEP completes 179D energy tax certifications for buildings that have been newly constructed or renovated in order for a commercial building owner or designer (of a government building) to take a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for energy-efficient HVAC, envelope or lighting systems. The designer who takes the deduction is the architect, engineer, and/or contractor who is primarily responsible for the design of the energy-efficient systems of the government-owned building.

      • MEP understands the strict IRS requirements for the 179D energy tax certification which must be completed by a contractor or engineer; includes an energy model of the building meeting specific targets versus an ASHRAE 90.1-2007 base model in an approved software; and site verification of the energy-efficient systems in the subject building. Designers also need to get an allocation letter signed by the government client that states they are primarily responsible for the design of the systems. This information is assembled in a report along with other information required under the Internal Revenue Code.
      • We have completed hundreds of certifications for CPAs, designers, and commercial building owners across the country, saving our clients millions of dollars in taxes. MEP has certified hotels, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, parking garages, schools, universities, courthouses, office buildings, community centers, municipal buildings, warehouses, hospitals, apartment buildings, military facilities, libraries, and nursing homes.
      • The 179D energy tax incentive was passed by Congress under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and has been in effect since 2006. The tax incentive is taken in the year for which the building or renovation was completed. Most tax payers who are in need of a tax deduction will go back three years. Clients always need to consult with their CPA.

Key Energy Team

Meet Our Professional Expert Team Members

Debbie Danto

Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Danto, MBA, LEED AP, CGC is our Chief Executive Officer of mep and is responsible for the overall operations and business development of mep. She has over 25 years of experience in developing and operating businesses. The last 11 years of her career has been spent developing energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions for buildings. She has helped clients generate millions of dollars in savings. Debbie served as the COO for three years of a leading industry company that specialized in engineering studies for tax strategies. While there her key accomplishment was the organization and systemization of the processes and procedures to maximize production and comply with IRS requirements for 179D studies. Debbie more than doubled production and out of hundreds of 179D studies, only several studies had to be defended, which she did successfully resulting in no disallowances. Debbie returned to Danto Builders in 2012 to develop an energy division and offer complete solutions from energy audits and system designs to tax incentives in order to “maximize energy payback.” Debbie graduated from Ohio State University with her bachelor of science in business administration and MBA from Cleveland State University. Her career started with Pizza Hut and Arby’s, which then led into working in the manufacturing, construction and engineering-related industries.

Marco E. Ortega

Chief Operating Officer

Marco E. Ortega is our Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for developing, implementing and managing standard operating procedures in order to efficiently and effectively complete services within requirements and timelines. He has over 12 years of mechanical design engineering experience with a firms in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Their broad range of clients included military, healthcare, aviation, school, commercial and industrial manufacturing. His range of responsibilities included the design of mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems including the production of construction plans, specifications and system cost analysis, as well as coordination between the various disciplines, clients, and owner representatives. This experience exposed Marco to various projects with rigorous document / plan review processes, required fast-paced changes, and project constraints. Marco also served as the vice president of the energy division for a leading industry company that specialized in engineering studies for tax strategies. He has worked on hundreds of military, government and commercial projects. Marco has a wealth of experience in EPAct energy modeling and interim rule calculations for 179D certifications, energy audits, Energy Star labels, and government (state and federal) energy incentive rebate processing. Marco has a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Florida International University.

Craig Danto

Chief Executive Officer

Craig Danto is the Chief Executive Officer of Danto Builders, which is a fourth-generation design, build and construction management company, which is a licensed and insured general contractor in Florida. Danto Builders has the experience and ability to build the largest and most challenging commercial and residential projects across the country. Commercial projects include hotels, restaurants, medical facilities / healthcare, banks, offices, warehouses / industrial, shopping centers / malls, tenant build outs, commercial buildings, gas stations, entertainment facilities, etc. Through this experience, Craig has an intimate knowledge of evaluating energy systems from a holistic point of view to maximize energy savings and incentives; recommending solutions with detailed budgets; and installing / retrofitting energy-efficient systems. Danto Builders has completed energy-efficient upgrades to the Palace in Detroit (where the Pistons play) and Schumacher Mercedes dealership in Phoenix.

Terry Morgan

Professional Engineer

Terry Moran, PE, has 42 years of experience all areas of engineering, planning and surveying, and has completed field verifications for hundreds of 179D site visits. He has been the City Engineer and Director of Public Works for the City of Gulfport, City Engineer for the Cities of D’Iberville and Ocean Springs, County Engineer for Jackson County, and Maintenance Control Director for The Naval Construction Battalion Center (7 years), Gulfport, Mississippi. His firm has also worked with FEMA, MEMA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U. S. Navy, The Veterans Administration, MDOT, and other consultants in Risk Management activities, during the Hurricane Katrina recover process. He was the prime engineer for several casino projects including: Isle of Capri, Casino Magic, President, Treasure Bay, Boomtown, Palace Casino, and the Beau Rivage. His firm performed the design and supervised the construction of these projects. The firm was the principle engineering firm for Memorial Hospital at Gulfport for 19 years, and the Biloxi/Gulfport Regional Airport Authority for 3 years. He is licensed in 10 states and works across the county.

Jerry D. Hackney

Energy Star and 45L Expert

Jerry D. Hackney, LEED AP, RSNET, Energy Star and 45L expert and thoroughly understands the industry guidelines. Jerry has more than twenty-five years of experience in the construction, repairing, and the maintaining of structural, mechanical and electrical systems found in improvements to buildings. Jerry has been a RSNET rater for over five years and completed over 400 HERS Ratings. He also has an in-depth knowledge of energy modeling, third-party Energy Star verifications and energy audits. Some licenses and certifications that Jerry has include Building Performance Institute (BPI), Residential Home Energy Services Network (RESNET) / Certified HERS Rater, 2009 IEEC Certified Residential Inspector / Plan Reviewer, USGBC LEED AP, and USGBC Green Rater.

Additional Services

Cost Segregation

For real estate owners who have built, purchased or renovated in the last 15 years for a minimum of $500,000, there is an opportunity to depreciate the building on an accelerated basis. The IRS says it is the Time Value of Money. The cost segregation study depreciates the building by segments into 5, 7, 10 or 15 year property. The results are increased cash flow and NOI.

Partial Disposition

When a building is renovated and old lighting HVAC units and other building parts are torn out, these assets are abandoned and as such their book value can be treated as a business deduction. When a building is re-lit an opportunity is created for both the 179Denergy tax deduction and the partial disposition deduction.

Energy Audits

We investigate your lighting systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, temperature controls, compressed air system, plug load, operational practices and any other energy consuming equipment (with the exception of laundry equipment). We will compile a list of recommendations, which when followed, will lead to energy savings. We can estimate how much you would save, and how much each of the different energy conservation measures would cost, or we can just compile a list of energy conservation measures you can take.

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